About Us

We are a pioneer company in the field of student services and universities registrations. Applyintr (Apply in Turkey) was established in 2022 , with the objective of helping foreign students to register at Turkish universities, choosing the appropriate major and providing special deduction from tuition fees. Applyintr is a subsidiary of SDT Consultancy Located in Ankara- Turkey. Apply in Turkey has a professional team work supporting all the students, his task is not only registering them at universities and providing acceptance but extends to satisfy all their needs from, giving any university consults then picking them from the airport and finding an appropriate shelter to finalize the residence procedures in Turkey. Our company founded for providing high standard consultancy services too including penetration tests and security based training to its customers.

Education Consultancy

  1. Experienced, Competent and Worldwide Counselors
  2. We focus on the welfare of our students and their Academic Status.
  3. Guide students to take the right decision for their bright future.
  4. Suggest the best Universities for a particular course.
  5. Guide students with the admissions.
  6. Maintain Safety and Security right from getting admission to completion of the course.
  7. Helps students for Financial Estimation.
  8. Provides his/her accommodation guidance.
  9. Provides students with all the necessary supports during their stay in Turkey.

A Definition of Cyber Security

Cyber security refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Our Service

Free Consultation

Our company support students and help them with full commitment, as we adopt an approach that relies on counseling with honesty Consultation based on long expertise, many experiences, and distinguished relations with universities, to put our students not only on the right path, but on the best path.

University Admission

We offer many educational opportunities for our students on what is the best university suitable for each student according to specific criteria. We prepare the student file professionally, according to the requirements of each university, then we support the file with all the letters of recommendation and letters of intent to increase the chances of acceptance in the targeted universities. We submit the file to the university in the correct form according to each university, and follow up the file until getting the acceptance. Assistance in the documentation for admission and registration procedures in the private universities for free until they receive their final acceptance letter.

Health Insurance and immigration affairs

Doing all the work of students in the Immigration Office like notary, make an appointment, get health insurance and etc. we are trying to simplify the work of our students when they come to Turkey.

Penetration Testing and Cyber Security Training Services

Penetration test trainings are mainly for network admins, system admins, developers and other information technology personals. As table of contents, we do give practical trainings about all aspect of our penetration testing approach including internal, external and social engineering tests. In Cyber Security awareness trainings mainly aims for educating non-technical people in upgrade their cyber-security awareness to protect their self in cyber space.

Our Vision

Our vision is enable student to study in Turkish universities, which could be considered as a great step in student career, in view of the distinguished and remarkable position of Turkish universities among universities around the world. We are assisting the student to receive the best level of education, creating all the way appropriate environment enhancing his creativities and excellence abilities. We seek to keep our considerable position in the field of student’s services, by maintaining its good quality and developing it.

Our Mission

Our mission is assisting foreign students to reach Turkish universities, and offering the best tuition reduction for them. Our company provides necessary support to enable them to choose the appropriate major. We also seek to provide all student’s needs in Turkey and helping them through our professional team.